• Kattappana, Idukki, Kerala, India

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About Us

We KMPL Foundation

We are focusing on growth not only to a minority in the society, but to the entire society. We believe, it can be possible only with the mutual help of each and everyone in the society with better understanding among them. At the same time we understand that unawareness and poor money management makes the problem in between persons.

We've Repution for Excellence

We Value Relationship

Guided by Commitment

Team of Professionals

Our Vision

Provide financial assistance to those who would like to achieve their dreams and become succeed in their life with their minimum efforts.

We based in Idukki district, most of the people here are farmers, employees or small business owners and they need small financial needs frequently.

We ensure your valuable time and money spending for right purpose. So that secure you from unwanted legal actions in future.

We focus on people and their integrity to get benefit from our mutual efforts to be succeed rather than unstable activities.